Situation #1: The turnaround

4 04 2008

silly_walk.jpgHave you even found yourself casually walking down the street, hallway, or other pathway-type fixtures when *gasp* you suddenly realize that you are walking in the opposite direction that you need to be walking in? If you decide to simply turn around and start walking, this will appear awkward and put much of the social world ill at ease. Alas, we have a solution for this awkward situation!

Awkward-avoiding Solution: In this circumstance when you have realized that you do indeed need to turn around, the best course of action to take is to:

1. Casually look at your watch, then give a ‘surprised’ look, possibly accompanied with a high pitched “oh” (n.b. high pitched noises often signify something important, which is crucial for this situation), turn around and, at the very least, double your walking speed back in the direction needed. One aspect that is vital to remember in this situation is that you must have an “I am important” look on your face while performing this act. This creates reason for your change in walking course, which diminishes any awkwardness and it also will make people believe you are, in fact, an important person with an important looking face.

2. In situations in which you are not wearing a watch, you can replace the casual watch glance with some thoughtful and slightly confused glances upward, making the social world believe you are thinking about something. Something confusing and important. You may want to add some chin stroking for an added philosophical appearance. After this, then you may continue with the surprised look as mentioned above.



One response

25 07 2008

Oh but you have forgotten the classic: you jolt briefly, as though having a seizure. Then pull out your phone (it was on vibrate, you see) and pretend someone is calling. Someone who needs you by their side urgently. Someone located in the opposite direction of where you were walking.

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