Situation #6 – The Awful Comment

21 05 2008

Situation: You show up to work, looking great and feeling great. Everything is puppies and rainbows. You managed to brush your hair today, you didn’t forget to brush your teeth. Your theme song today is a little bit of KC & The Sunshine Band and maybe a little bit of Kool and the Gang.

Your coworker walks up to you. You greet with a cheerful hi and an over-exaggerated wave. The coworkers response : a frown, a concerned look and then, in a sympathetic tone, perhaps even with a gentle forearm touch, “you look awful, are you starting to get sick?”

Solution: To avoid the awkwardness of admitting to your coworker that you feel and (dammit) look great and having said coworker feel sheepish, take hold of this wondrous opportunity! Give a little cough and reply “Ya, I think I am coming down with something, better go home”. Then, stumble out of the office with nothing to worry about, you have valid back-up that you looked awful! End result: awkwardness avoided and day off! At this point, we recommend turning back on that Kool and the Gang that was playing in your head and go get a mid-day drink(s).



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29 06 2008
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