Situation #20 – The sidewalk shuffle

4 07 2008

The situation: On some sidewalk somewhere right now, there are two people experiencing the awkwardness of the sidewalk shuffle. The sidewalk shuffle you say? Well, picture yourself humbly sauntering down a sidewalk. Then there appears another humble saunterer, coming in the opposite direction. You both walk in your chosen direction, but end up on the same sidewalk spot, needing to get around each other to continue with your walking. You attempt to do the side-walk (on the sidewalk, get it?) and shift over to the left to move past this person, but, oh no, this devious creature has done the same! No problem, just move to the right side to get around the walker. This person must be related to Miss Cleo, they also just moved to the right side ,as if they could read your mind . This goes on until it is like you are doing some sort of perverse mirror dance from the 80s with your fellow walker. So, how do you get out of this unplanned disco move?

The solution: There is only one way to get out of this awkward situation, and that is to call a spade a spade. Assume a middle sidewalk position, and with some enthusiastic jazz hands say to the person :¬† “Thanks for the dance!” and then blast past them. For added effect, chasse your way away.



3 responses

6 07 2008

“Thanks for the dance.” xP I’m using that next time.

8 07 2008

sidewalk shuffle aka parallel synchronized randomness. check it out:


9 07 2008
journal of social awkwardness

oh oh oh! Science of Sleep is def a top 10 fav movie!

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