Situation #22 – Nothing to say

9 07 2008

The situation: You’re with a group of people, who all seem to know everything there is to know about carbon nanotube windmills. Huh? You have little conversation to offer and you can’t even think of any questions to ask. Time is dragging on: you feel as though you have had a slightly frightened look of puzzlement on your face for at least three weeks. What do you do?

The solution: Grab hold of any word someone says and use it to jumpstart story-time…about your awesomeness. “You know, those nanotubes remind me of the time I was surfing, it was tubular.”

Don’t have a good story? Well, just make it up; however, we advise to not tell a story about adventures based off a television show. Someone may have seen that episode of Perfect Strangers when Larry and Balki become invincible (alas…it was all a dream). Need a fake name for your story? Just look around you, pick the first thing you see and then add man. Now you have a valid last name. “Oh, my old friend Terry Phoneman, “I was palling around with Dan Brandyman”. Gold.



2 responses

9 07 2008

wait, are you telling me there are actually people who don’t know what carbon nanotube windmills are? that’s just atrocious.

i love your blog! it’s funny and useful and i shall add it to my blogroll. (this is meryl, by the way)

16 07 2008
journal of social awkwardness

Hey Meryl! Glad you like, and thank you for adding us.

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