Got a sitch?

Need help with an awkward situation? Leave a comment here and wait. Awkwardly.


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18 06 2008
natalie talmi

hey! i had 2 suggestions for you.
1. When you are out with your parents or family and run into a drunk and rambunctious group of your friends. AWKWARD. this also works if you are drunk and forced to meet important people.

but more seriously,

2. When you start talking about how much you like the backstreet boys and realize you are in a group of spice-girl fans…..

28 07 2008

I need some advice for this terribly awkward situation many of us find ourselves in at a live music show…The band starts busting out a very “dance-able” tune. It takes you a couple minutes to get into it…sip your beer and drop a couple comments about how awesome the song is to your buddy. You’re groovin with hands in the pockets..little head bobbin’..scopeing out the dance floor and contemplating movement towards it. You finally decide to make the strut to to the floor…and start “full-motion-hands-out-of-pocket” dancing…(now here’s the awkward part)…only a couple beats into your “dance”…you’re feelin’’s happening..and then suddenly song ends and you’ve been on the dance floor for like 5 seconds. This situation has the potential to amplify into an even more awkward situation if the next song they play is slow, and you don’t want to dance, but also, don’t want to leave because you just came on.

everyone is watching…what do you do…what do you do??!

4 08 2008

Got a few for you:

1) you are talking about someone and don’t realize that person is standing behind you.

2) you part ways with someone, for example after getting off the elevator when leaving work, then realize you are both headed the same way.

3) you respond to someone who you think is talking to you, then realize that person is on the phone.

5 08 2008

This is similar to “The Wait”. How about when you are walking down a long hallway with someone else walking towards you that you know (ie. your boss). You’re too far to talk, there are no side rooms to duck into, and you can’t be doing anything interesting with your body to avoid the eye contact, since you’re walking, so you just end up staring at each other the whole time. The whole interminable time. AWKWARD!

7 08 2008
buffalo this

Got one more for you guys:
When you walk in on someone either using the restroom or engaged in a sexual act (either with someone or alone). Usually gets a little awkward the next time you have to talk to that person.

8 08 2008

As a host of an event, are you required to diffuse awkward situations?

True example at a dinner party I hosted:
The status of the diners was a topic of discussion, where one female stated that she was fifty percent single.
Later during the evening, a male showed up who is dating said female.
Another party guest made a joking reference to the statement of her being 50% single. When no one laughed, the guest continued by saying, “oh you actually feel 100% single?” When no one laughed, the guest continued by saying, “Well it’s a good thing he’s not here.”

At which point the guest caught my hosterly glance which read, “he is here”.

But should I have stopped the situation before it got that far?

16 08 2008

so we’re all hanging out. a guitar’s lying around, and someone decides to pick it up and serenade everyone. they sing a song, not very well. but it’s all good. until they keep going. and playing another one. and another one. and another one.

we feel bad for resuming conversation because it would seem rude. but we don’t really want to sit there for half an hour, pretending we’re really into the noise coming out of the dude playing guitar.

this has happened several times and i never know what to do except smile politely and laugh nervously.

18 08 2008

Here’s one. What do you do when you’re shaking someone’s hand and the strength of the handshake is unequal? Like you’re at a job interview and you go in with the firm “I mean business, give me the job” handshake, and you hit a wall of “I don’t want to touch your hand lest you might give me leprosy” handshake. What then???

22 08 2008

You guys could write for the NY times. Your solooshes (sic?) are wittier and more useful than hers:

how about offering alternative solooshes to these sitches?

oh, and steffers raises a good sitch. another related sitch involves someone with a cold, clammy hand. ick. what happens when your natural reaction overrides etiquette and a look of disgust takes over your face?

16 10 2008
Alan Sukonnik

I’m missing all the hilarious shituations. Bring back the awkward!

7 11 2008

I miss your solutions too. You have no idea how intensely awkward I’ve become without your guidance (and bits of hilarious trivia) to provide an escape.

30 11 2008

How about when a stranger seems to be talking to you and you start answering, but then you realize they’re talking on their bluetooth? This happened to me at the bus station the other day and i almost died.

23 01 2009

When you’re at the cash register, paying for something, and you realize you’re a couple dollars short? And you have to give that awkward “sorry, i don’t have enough” kind of parting and run away.

1 06 2009

awkward situations:

1) you’re sitting on a leather couch with friends and while shifting around a bit, the couch makes a sound like a fart. it’s awkward because you want to defend yourself so that others don’t think you actually farted but at the same time you don’t want to sound stupid or defensive.

2) you accidentally think a stranger is a friend and walk up to them and give them a hug or tap them on the shoulders.

18 10 2009

you laugh at a joke you don’t really get or you couldn’t hear what they said because you don’t want to seem rude or stupid and then they ask you for your input on the joke.

12 02 2010
Navi Dhanju

You go to some place along such as the food court in the mall and you whip out your cellphone and pretend like you are texting ( when you are only going through your contacts or just going through your previous text messages) just to avoid all the people that might be able to make eye contact with you.

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